Let them know how
the project is going

Keep your stakeholders in the loop with automatic update digests in Slack.

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Keep your team on top of Everything

Combine manually written project statuses with automatic updates from the services you use.

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For now, only Github integration and manual updates are available. Jira is in development.
More integrations are coming soon.

Updates they will read

Going into Notion, Confluence, or any other third-party tool is an overhead. Nobody wants to leave their flows. That’s why CrossPatch delivers your updates to Slack channels or directly to a specific person.

Segment your updates

Use labels in CrossPatch to segment who needs to get specific updates and when. There is no need to overwhelm people with the information they don’t care about.

Updates that won’t be lost

It’s easy for your updates to get lost, especially in Slack. In CrossPatch, you can control a specific schedule for updates to be delivered. Be it daily for stakeholders who are directly involved. Or monthly for people who just want to keep an eye on the progress.

Manual + Automatic updates

Combine manually written updates with the ones collected automatically from tools your team use. (Github, Jira) This gives your stakeholder full visibility into what’s going on with the project.

Cut the noise with Interpretations

Communicate product updates based on the audience. Your marketing team doesn't always need technical details that only engineers care about.

Original Update Interpretation

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