Keep your clients in the loop

Receive regular digest with project updates in Slack.
So you and your clients have full visibility on how the project is going.

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Stay on top of Everything Without going crazy

CrossPatch collects project updates from the services you use.
And delivers them to Slack as a digest.

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For now, only Github integration and manual updates are available. Jira is in development.
More integrations are coming soon.

Get updates on your terms

Update digest for a specific project will be delivered to Slack when you choose to. So you can make sure everything is on track without relevant information slipping through the cracks.

Connects to your tools

CrossPatch automatically collects updates from tools you already use. It integrates with Github and Jira (coming soon) to get the latest updates on your team’s progress.

Only relevant updates

Each CrossPatch digest contains auto-assigned set of labels. With these labels you can subscribe only for updates from projects you care about.

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CrossPatch is invite-only for now. We're gradually sharing access with interested teams.

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