Know what your team is working on

Automatically receive digests in Slack with relevant updates & reports from your team.

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Stay on top of Everything Without going crazy

CrossPatch collects product updates from the services you use.
And delivers them to Slack as a digest.

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For now, only Github integration and manual updates are available. Jira is in development.
More integrations are coming soon.

Get updates on your schedule

In CrossPatch, you control when to receive regular digests with your team’s updates. Be it daily for important projects, or monthly for things you just want to keep an eye on.

Updates you’ll actually read

There is no need to keep checking yet another third-party tool looking for updates. You can read CrossPatch digest in public Slack channels or in personal Direct Messages inbox.

Get only relevant updates

In CrossPatch, every update has an auto-assigned set of labels. You can use these labels to subscribe only to updates from projects or teams you care about.

Connects with your tools

Your team can continue using their tools like Github or Jira. CrossPatch will automatically collect relevant updates and deliver only the important ones.

Cut the noise with Interpretations

Communicate product updates based on the audience. Your marketing team doesn't need technical details to create promo campaigns.

Original Update Interpretation

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